Ensuring Reliability

Vision Glass 2000 holds accreditation and certification in all industry sectors. The company is now recognized as a leader in its field in western Quebec and eastern Ontario. No other glazier can match our range of services and competitive prices in Ottawa or the Outaouais region. Don't wait another moment and contact us now!

Association du verre de la capitale nationale (AVCN)
National Capital Glass Association (NCGA)
Association des gens d'affaires et professionnels du Québec (AGAPQ)
Certificat du bureau de la protection des emplois (BPE)
Job Protection Office certificate (JPO)
Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ)
Licence d'entrepreneur de la construction à la régie du bâtiment (RBQ)
Ottawa Construction Association
Architectural Glass and Metal Contractors Association
Commission de la construction (CCQ)
Syndicat local 200 et 1135
Permis de vendeur Ontario
R.B.Q.: 3016-8090-17
R.B.Q.: 8287-6574-55